" If you want something done, ask it to a man; and if you want something not to be done, ask it to a committee "  Napoleon Bonaparte.


  "    Assertiveness and strategy are essential to solve a legal problem.  "

"    With no fun at work it’s difficult to be efficient.   "

" After a legal problem there is a psychological one. If the second one is solved, the first disappears  "   Julius Caesar.


" Success is not measured by the money or the prestige of an individual but for his ability to be happy "  Lluis Bassat.


Areas of professional action



  • - Criminal law in general.
  • - Economic criminal law.
  • - Administrative infractions and offences against the Treasury.
  • - Tax law.
  • - Infractions and offences against Intellectual Property.
  • - Infractions and offences against Industrial Property.
  • - Infractions and offences against privacy and personal image.
  • - Civil liability actions for damages and traffic safety.
  • - Criminal damage.
  • - Criminal and administrative offences against Public Health.
  • - Criminal offences of safety at work.
  • - Offences against honour.
  • - Family law.
  • - Infractions and offences against Public Administration.
  • - Crimes of falsehood.
  • - Offences against the person.
  • - Frauds against the Social Security.
  • - Trading companies and commercial laws.
  • - Free competition law and unfair competition.
  • - Inheritance law.
  • - Laws of financial institutions and risk products.
  • - Law on Aliens.
  • - Mediation and arbitration.


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