" If you want something done, ask it to a man; and if you want something not to be done, ask it to a committee "  Napoleon Bonaparte.


  "    Assertiveness and strategy are essential to solve a legal problem.  "

"    With no fun at work it’s difficult to be efficient.   "

" After a legal problem there is a psychological one. If the second one is solved, the first disappears  "   Julius Caesar.


" Success is not measured by the money or the prestige of an individual but for his ability to be happy "  Lluis Bassat.


How we do it

We analyse what is and where exactly lies the problem to solve. Sometimes is easy to detect it and sometimes the real reasons of the conflict are hidden beyond the simple drafting of a legal action of any discipline.

We detect the problem and we start immediate, direct, quick and effective actions.

It is important to distinguish quickly who has a serious desire to solve a conflict in a friendly way and who pretend only to waste or save time.

The speed and the effectiveness have to be linked to the management.

If we have started a process as accusers or as defence counsels, we are always willing to discuss a possible deal.

Each issue is regularly under review with other the members of the team who do not have assigned a direct control of it.

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