" If you want something done, ask it to a man; and if you want something not to be done, ask it to a committee "  Napoleon Bonaparte.


  "    Assertiveness and strategy are essential to solve a legal problem.  "

"    With no fun at work it’s difficult to be efficient.   "

" After a legal problem there is a psychological one. If the second one is solved, the first disappears  "   Julius Caesar.


" Success is not measured by the money or the prestige of an individual but for his ability to be happy "  Lluis Bassat.


Our philosophy

It is that our clients want to solve problems, not to win lawsuits. However, if the lawsuit is the only way to solve a problem, we must start it or defend it.

No two processes are equal although they seem it technically and if we do not create a relationship with the client beyond the confidence, almost symbiotic, we can hardly give him a service in accordance with what he wants.

We do not consider that the client request us the court case or the negotiations. The client only trusts in us.

In conclusion, our client will defend their interests with us through an active involvement based on opinions, new strategies and ideas that occur to him.

To do that, the extent of information to the client must be high and continuous and the relationship must be close.

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