Criminal Law, Economic Criminal Law and International





Criminal Law and International Law.

Covering the infractions of the Spanish penal code and those related to international arrest warrants, active and passive extraditions and extensions of jurisdiction between different States.

Economic Criminal Law.

That includes illicit acts related to fraud in general, fake insolvency, money laundering, fictitious bankruptcy proceedings and apparently civil and commercial constructions that result in criminalized contracts.

Crimes of Infractions against the Public Treasury.

We study them in the broadest scope; whether they are derived from an inaccurate or poorly constructed accounting or come from an alleged cheating spirit to the treasury.

Law of the company and Societies.

Constitution of mercantile companies, statutory amendments, capital increases and partners’ agreements.

Study of personal and criminal liability of administrators and board members.

Crimes and infractions against honor, privacy and self-image.

We cover its defense and protection in the broadest aspect, both in its criminal aspects (insults and slander) and in those contemplated in the legislation, susceptible to civil protection.

Legal actions in civil liability claim.

In its most complete acceptance. Thus, those arising from construction defects, negligence and professional lack of skills, road accidents, maritime and air accidents and many others can be imagined.

Infractions against Public Health.

Administrative and criminal infractions against the legislation relating to ecology, public health, narcotics … also in its criminal aspect.

Labor law.

Defense of the rights of workers and entrepreneurs understood in a broad sense. Offenses against labor security.

Offense against Intellectual and Industrial Property.

Patents, trademarks and protection of rights derived from those in civil or criminal law.

Illicit and crimes related to free competition.

Crimes of revelation of secrets in general and industrial secrets. Infringements of the law of unfair competition.

Defense of consumer rights.

Banking Law.

Special attention to risky financial products, single premiums, excessive interest, ground clauses and, in general, the protection of the client against equivocal banking contracts or products and defense of the same civil and criminally.

Civil law.

Inheritances and legacies, impugnation of wills, claims of quantity, recoveries of property and possession, claim of obligations of giving or doing, incapacitations, claims of legitimacy.

Family law.

Separations, divorces, guardianships and guardianships, adoptions, tutorials and filiation in general, separation of de facto couples without matrimonial ties.

Immigration and its taxation.

Obtaining nationality, residence, foreign investment, double taxation.


Private, public, mercantile, drafting, preparation and modification of deposit, purchase, lease, lease, loan … etc.

Mediation and arbitration.

Mediation and arbitration of law and equity.

Constitutional law.

Study, preparation and writing of unconstitutionality resources.

International performances

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