"Assertiveness and strategy are essential for the resolution of a legal problem".


Fajula Codina Lawyers

What do we do

We solve the legal problems that our clients have and, above all, we advise them so that they do not have them.

Once the problem exists, we try to solve it by means of agreement or mediation (whenever it interests our client) and we do not hesitate to go to the judicial process if necessary.

We think that the maxim that “a bad agreement is better than a good suit” is not always true because in many cases a satisfactory transaction is achieved having forced a process.

How do we do it

We analyze what exactly the problem to solve is and where it resides. Sometimes it is easy to detect and, in others, the real reasons for the conflict are hidden beyond the mere drafting of a legal action of any discipline.

Each issue is periodically reviewed with the other members of the team who do not have direct control over it.

Direct action

We detect the problem and initiate immediate, direct and effective actions.


It is important to distinguish soon who has a serious will to resolve a conflict amicably and who intends only to lose or gain time.


Speed and effectiveness have to go hand in hand with management.


Initiated a process as accusers or defenders we are always willing to analyze a possible pact.